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"Excellence with Economy in Engineering"

MPN, comprising MPN Group Pty Ltd, MPN UK Ltd and MPN Consulting Pty Ltd, is a wholly Australian owned group of companies specialising in the provision of civil and structural engineering services to the construction industry. Established in 1966, MPNís project achievements have consolidated our place as one of Australiaís leading engineering consultancies. MPNís personnel are renowned for their ability to pursue and devise innovative and cost effective project solutions. Our proven track record and high degree of repeat business are testimony to the success of MPNís value added services.

MPN are a competent, professional engineering group, well qualified to assume responsibility for design, documentation and quality control in the Structural and Civil engineering disciplines. MPN has the capability to allocate on-site design, drafting and quality control teams where the conditions require it. With its specialist multi-disciplinary staff, MPN provides qualified engineers conversant with specific project types. In addition to its regular design and quality control services, the company provides expert assistance in engineering feasibility studies for project evaluation, pre-construction consultancy and technical advice for design competitions.

Engineering Solutions since 1966
MPN Group Pty Ltd - Sydney - Phone: (02) 9929-7144 - Fax: (02) 9922-3041 - Email:
MPN Consulting Pty Ltd - Brisbane - Phone: (07) 3371-6677 - Fax: (07) 3371-3196 - Email:
MPN UK Limited - London - Phone: +44 2 07403-2297 - Fax: +44 2 07403-2701