Designs for Angel Lane underway

MPN have been involved in the early scheme design stages for a new planned office development at Stratford, Angel Lane Office. Located adjacent to the Meridian Steps, the site extends from Great Eastern Road to Angel Lane, measuring approximately one hectare in size, with the tower itself standing at 100 m tall.

The Angel Lane Office building may also provide a future TfL entrance to Stratford Station from basement level and retail spaces at ground floor.  The structural design for the tower is proposed to be steel columns with composite steel beams and metal deck with an integrated services / structural zone. Stability will be provided by a reinforced concrete core and the substructure will consist of an embedded secant wall and piled rafts.  Some feature columns are proposed to be of composite steel/ concrete construction.

We look forward to being involved in the next design stages for this project and contributing to the ongoing large-scale re-development and improvement of Stratford Town Centre.

Angel Lane 3D
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