Angel Lane Office
Meridian Square

Client: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Architect: Suttonca
Main Contractor: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Project Status: Planning
Project Value: £ 80m

The site located in Stratford, London extends from Great Eastern Road to Angel Lane. It is approximately 1 hectare in size, bounded by railway lines to the north west and Great Eastern Road (A118) to its south east. The south-western end of the site is adjacent to the Meridian Square steps and the Town Centre Link Bridge which provides access into Stratford City Westfield Shopping Centre.

The site is envisaged to be developed in two phases. Phase 1 involves the design of a youth hostel (YHA) and Phase 2 an office development. MPN have been commissioned to provide structural engineering design services  for the office building and enabling and early works packages associated with the pre-development of the YHA. 

Key constraints to the site include building adjacent to the live railway lines, having NwR and LUL assets within the building footprint that must remain operational during construction and maintaining an emergency escape route from the train station. 

MPN has completed a concept structural design for this speculative office development, the Angel Lane Office will be a 23-storey tower designed to include an extension to the Meridian Steps, retail & leisure spaces at the lower floors and an option for a potential future TFL entrance. 

The structural frame of the office tower is proposed to be a composite concrete and metal deck floor spanning onto secondary steel beams supported between steel primary beams and steel columns with some of the feature ground floor columns proposed to be of composite steel/concrete. The lateral resisting system comprises of a large central reinforced concrete core. In order to maximise the floor plate area, the rear corner of the building cantilevers over the existing station fire escape tunnels. 

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