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We are the industry leaders in Retail, having worked on over 100 major projects in this sector including both of Londons’s Westfield Shopping Centres and new extensions.

We understand the key considerations of retail:

  • Keeping ahead of schedule and providing optimised design to ensure the centre opens on the target date.
  • Working collaboratively and providing innovative, flexible design to ensure existing tenants and their customers encounter minimal disruption.

Our experience is broad and ranges from smaller domestic work to multi-phased medium density ‘villages’ to high rise apartments worth hundreds of millions of pounds.
MPN has a strong and proven track record in this sector. We have completed hundreds of cinema screens through the UK and Australia. Hotels often have a repetitive structure that allows optimisation using various systems, with the final choice dependant on their relative economic benefit. The lobby and conference rooms always require larger spans, hence the bedroom levels often need to be supported on a transfer slab over the lobby. The entertainment and leisure facilities we have designed are diverse and include sports halls and cinema complexes as well as casinos and an indoor theme park for kids. They are typically large box bespoke structures that require appreciation of their specific function.

The current trend in town planning favours mixed use developments. These are typically led by the residences over and the commercial/retail under. These competing uses lead to a range of structural framing options, materials and approaches depending on the relative value and importance of each. Early MPN input is an advantage to help determine preferred parking, office/retail and apartment layouts.

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