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Our passion is structural engineering. All our staff are specialist structural engineers and technicians. The majority of MPN staff – engineers and technicians – have been with MPN for many years, in some cases decades, so you’ll get consistent and highly experienced service.

As early adopters and avid users of Autodesk Revit, the industry’s flagship 3D modelling package, MPN has comprehensively developed and tailored the software and work in 3D on almost all our projects.

We use our models from the early stages of design, through to construction and retrofit phases.

Our customised platform allows us to resolve potential issues at the design stage and provide our Clients with a fully co-ordinated and detailed set of construction documents.

We are able to provide a complete steel detailing service including connection design and detailing services. Our detailing is not generic, but specific to each and every use or condition and in compliance with UK industry standards.

Unlike many other consultants we provide complete and buildable reinforcement details to enable construction of a project to proceed without unnecessary delays.

MPN were early adopters of post-tensioned structures, and we are at the forefront of post-tensioned design. Unlike many other consultants we can offer our expertise from the initial concept through to final construction documentation and site services.

We have also developed techniques for making complex alterations to post-tensioned buildings.

A long history of on-site experience by our Engineers has provided MPN with the knowledge essential for the development of good, practical design and for the selection of reliable construction techniques. We are able to provide site based engineers that act as the main point of contact between our design office and the construction team which allows construction issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently, taking into account all site constraints. This is particularly important when working with tight construction programs as is usually the norm in high value construction projects.

MPN has been providing temporary works services in connection with our projects for many years, including design of crane bases, façade support, method statements, construction monitoring and Temporary Works Coordinators roles. We review other designer’s temporary works proposals to ensure they are fit for purpose and safe to use.

More and more MPN are asked to review engineering documentation produced by others and advise on structural adequacy as a second opinion to give the Client peace of mind. The aim is to identify possible deficiencies with respect to codes of practice and either rectify these or obtain acceptable explanation as to their adequacy and suitability. MPN have also identified unmistakeable over-designs by others in such Peer Reviews.

MPN is able to provide Cat 3 or 3rd Party Checks for various structural designs prepared by others. Working with the design brief and final drawings we are able to use our expert knowledge to carry out an independent design check and confirm that the design is suitable for the intended purpose or recommend areas which require mandatory or optimal design modifications. We can also produce independent calculations and a Design Check Certificate as required to allow client to obtain approvals from infrastructure and other 3rd party authorities for the design.

Many projects include a review of documentation to advise possible alternative design solutions with the aim of minimising cost, maximising buildability and reducing building programme time while maintaining or enhancing quality, value and functional performance.

Planning is important in choosing appropriate structural systems especially if ‘fast tracking’ of the construction is required to achieve desired completion dates. The following items are typically considered – shoring sequence and methodology, excavation sequence, truck and crane operations, construction loading, ‘jump deck’ where a critical floor is built first with concurrent construction of lower and upper levels, ‘top down’ construction.

Prior to commencement of any construction works we recommend that dilapidation reports for existing structures and infrastructure adjoining those works be undertaken to protect the Client from possible future disputes regarding damage attributed to the construction.

MPN is able to offer advice from the inception of a project to help determine the best way forward. We can identify key engineering issues and advise how to overcome or minimise risks and take advantage of opportunities.

We can offer guidance and evaluation of a building to identify key structural and civil engineering issues ahead of final purchase negotiations.

Civil engineering associated with building projects is a service we often provide. We work alongside respected specialist sub-consultants for larger drainage works, roadworks and flood studies.

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