The Way MPN Works

Our vision is “To be the absolute best structural engineering consulting firm to the construction industry, measured by the value we deliver to our clients and our strength and spirit as a firm. We also aspire to be the employer of choice in our industry.”

To make this vision a reality, we live and work by our four pillars of success, which support our core values.

Pillars of Success

  • Leadership in Consulting Engineering
  • Investments in innovation
  • Grow lasting customer partnerships
  • Lean and responsive operations

Core Business Values

  • Exceptional Excellence – client value is the key driver of service delivery, ensuring the highest quality solutions for our clients and going beyond current standards
  • Diversity – endless inquiry and working with our clients seamlessly
  • Innovation & Change – inspiring shared vision to achieve excellence with economy in engineering
  • Collaborative Teamwork – sharing skills, knowledge, success and failure while working towards common objectives
  • Professionalism – demonstrating skills in efficient and effective ways
  • Fairness – objectively managing by fact and inclusiveness in work processes
  • Integrity – being ethical and consistent in what we say and do
  • Respect – treating others with dignity and being sensitive to different perspectives and situations
  • Trust – reliable; keeping the best interests of clients, firm, team and staff paramount in our minds
  • Transparency – open communication – we have nothing to hide

Excellence with Economy in Engineering

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