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Specialist Skills

The reuse of existing building frames is becoming more commonplace and forming a large part of our business. MPN can assist with achieving and maximising the commercial and environmental gains with such projects. Our approach includes evaluating the form of construction and current condition and reviewing its adequacy for re-purposing against the available documentation and design practices of that era. Once this is understood further refinements can be sought by referring to current practices including design codes and construction techniques.
MPN have strengthened all manner of structures to accept their new functions using conventional materials such as steel and concrete as well as the more specialised systems, for example, fibre-reinforced polymers such as carbon fibre and their bonding adhesives. We have developed techniques to strengthen existing footings, columns, walls, floors and roofs for vertical and lateral loads that take into account limited access and workspace requirements.
Having designed buildings in some of the most seismically active regions in the world such as New Zealand, California and Italy, MPN are well versed in the use of the latest dynamic analysis software and design techniques to detail a structure that is both safe and economic.

MPN has designed many composite steel structures in the UK as well as in Australia, New
Zealand and the USA. This type of structures are typically chosen for their speed of construction, high degree of off-site fabrication, light weight and ease of construction. They are especially suited to additions and alterations of any size.

As early adopters and avid users of Autodesk Revit, the industry’s flagship 3D modelling package, MPN has comprehensively developed and tailored the software.

We have been using Autodesk Revit as our primary BIM (Building Information Modelling) platform and work in 3D on almost all of our projects. We use our models from the early stages of design, through to construction and retrofit phases.

The models primarily are used to create all our technical drawings in 2D but are also used for 3D visualisations to help communicate our designs to our clients and the rest of the design team.

Our customised platform allows us to resolve potential issues at the design stage and provide our Clients with a fully co-ordinated and detailed set of construction documents.

MPN has gained experience in a diverse range of construction techniques through its international operations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA as well as throughout the UK. We understand that market conditions, local expertise and contractors drive these various techniques.
Geotechnical advice at an early stage is critical to mitigate risks. The selection of an appropriate shoring system depends on soil/rock profiles and the presence of groundwater. MPN has used steel sheet piling, top down sprayed walls with steel soldiers, top down sprayed walls with concrete bored piers, contiguous pile walls, secant pile walls, prefabricated walls and diaphragm walls.

Efficient floor structures that are quick to construct are the key to successful high-rise projects. A shallow floor structure means that there is the possibility of additional floors within the planning heights. We use detailed 3-D lateral analysis software to optimise the core configuration. MPN have worked on projects in excess of 60 stories and have made a major contribution to the skylines of London and Sydney, amongst other cities.

We work collaboratively with geotechnical engineers to ensure this most important part of the building structure is optimised.
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